Johnson Hill Farm is up on a hill, nestled in a Hollow surrounded by the rolling hills of Buckland, Massachusetts.

This is my home as well as for the Lavender Labyrinth, our doves and an historic cemetery.

Guests are invited to call ahead to schedule visits.  Visitors have arranged to walk the labyrinth during the full moon of summer, mid-day to embrace the Fall foliage and especially during the Lavender Festival which is held the last full weekend of June.

about us

Most of the property is tended by hand, with the help of simple garden tools, a small tiller or weed-whacker and a lawnmower.  I have no plans to 'finish' the work, or to have elegantly cultivated gardens.  Mother Nature has her own plans about how it should look, what should grow, and so I compromise; planting what pleases me and letting her have her way in many other places. Between us we make some interesting choices.

Johnson Hill Farm

Buckland - Massachusetts